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Learn the fundamentals of Azure Stack architecture and how it is deployed, monitored, configured and updated, including how to operate the Azure Services. Discover how to enable users with the tools needed to build hybrid cloud applications.

Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Lift and Shift/Azure Resource Manager

About this course In this workshop, students will help a global publisher architect a solution to migrate their on-premises procurement system into Azure. Because of the desire to not change the existing application, this will involve moving the application and its dependencies onto Azure IaaS VMs. There are many questions and concerns the customer has, and they will look to the student to answer these and provide the end-state design and the high-level steps to get there.

Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack

About this course This five-day course will provide students with the key knowledge required to deploy and configure Microsoft Azure Stack. Using hands-on labs, students will learn the following: • The key features and functionality of Microsoft Azure Stack. • The differences between Microsoft Azure Stack, Microsoft Azure, and Windows Azure Pack. • The architecture and components of Microsoft Azure Stack. • How to deploy Microsoft Azure Stack. • Windows Server Roles and Features used in Microsoft Azure Stack. • How identity and authentication works in Microsoft Azure Stack. • How Microsoft Azure Stack enables DevOps. • How to create and manage Azure Resource Manager templates. • How to create and manage Plans. • How to create and manage Offers and Delegation. • Manage the Marketplace in Microsoft Azure Stack. • Software Defined Networking in Microsoft Azure Stack. • Understand how storage is provisioned and managed in Microsoft Azure Stack. • How to provision Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure Stack. • Configuring Resource Providers in Microsoft Azure Stack. • How to monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft …